Dear Deacon

Here are the pictures of prayer meeting for the 50 people. We came together and shared the word of God and shared their problems and prayed for each other and some people needed healing touch and we did that. Kindly have a look at those pictures. 


March 28, 2015

Dear Rev. Deacon An Vu,

Greetings in the name of the Lord,
May I take this opportunity to wish you all our big family there a very happy Easter and may God bless us all abundantly with His resurrection graces. I am sending you the pictures that I took with the camera that you send us and I did not know how to set the date and so next time I will set the date. 

One of our Church member is sick and two of his kidneys failed. Kindly pray for him and we visited him and gave him fruits and prayed for him with our two sisters. Is there any one who can support him for the treatment? 

Thanking you!
This rice means a lot for our old people here and it is giving life to them. They wait for this rice every month. When it comes late then they will come and ask me... so you can imagine how they are longing for this. They are all so grateful for all that you are doing and my humble gratitude for all that you are doing for us to lift us up from the poverty. Our prayers for the granting of our project proposal. Once again thanking you so much. 

God bless you! 

Yours sister in Christ,​

Dear Rev. An Vu and sister Ysabel,

Greetings in the name of Jesus our redeemer,
Hope and pray that you are doing well. Here I am again to address few lines of our gratitude to St. Teresa Family on behalf of our old age people who are part of our St. Teresa Family here. We praise and give thanks God for sending St. Teresa to this world and make her saint. Because of her through you we are able to feed the old people.
If you see the old people how their bodies are then you will understand how deep is the poverty and hunger here. They are so happy that they will have their daily bread and the rice is the main dish here. 
I am sending you the distribution pictures for now and I will send you the feedback from the old age people with their picture and story later. We all love you all so much.
God bless the work of your hands abundantly,
Yours sister in Christ,
Dear Deacon An Vu,

Greetings in the name of Child Jesus who is among us right now,

Hope and pray that you are doing well. We are all doing well and sad news is that we lost 4 old age people due to cold wave. I will take 4 old people who are in line to get the rice.​


We give thanks to the Lord and St. Teresa family for He and you are good to us by giving us our daily bread for our bodies. I tried to add Christmas greeting card in our website but it is not showing up. So I decided to send you the pictures here and my kind request for you to add the rice distribution pictures and my thanking note. Swaathi and Nukaratnam are grateful for the charity they received and loving greetings from them and their family members. It filled the real joy of Christmas in all our lives here. 

May God bless you abundantly,

Yours in Christ,


Dear An Vu,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus,

Hope and pray that you are doing well. We are all doing well by the grace of God and here I am with the list of the old age people. There are many and I prayed and asked God to chose the poor and needy. Here, after 50 years of age people become old because of poverty and heard work and sickness and hot weather. 

List of the Chosen for His love.

1.Gaali Veeramma, (60),  2.Gaali Acchamma,(60)

3.Gaali Saraswathi, (55)  4.Gaali Naagamma(50),

5. Gaali Bullemma (50), 6.Gummadi Saraswathi, (55),

7. Gummadi Pallamma(55),  8.Bondada Nukaalamma(55),

9. Bondada Peda Kaantham(55), 10.Bondada China Kaantham(50).

11. Injimalla Tulasamma (59), 12.Kaanety. Ruthamma (55),

13 Kaanety Paapamma(56), 14. Kaanety Saramma(52),

15. Kaanety Surya Kumari(51), 16.Ambati Saantha Kumari(53),

17.Ambati Naagamma(56), 18..Kothapalli Kaanthamma(50),

 19.Kesavarapu Manga(51), 20.Pitla Suvarthamma(55),

21.Pedakaapu Estheramma(50), 22.Injimalla Naagamma(50),

23.Pitta Prema Vathi(60), 24 Kodagalla Krishnamma(50),

25.Dhadala Appiyyamma(55), 26. Pothula Mangamma(50),

27. Annam Satha Jumari(50), 28. Nakka Manikyamma(55),

29.Kudithi Mariyamma(60), 30, Kudithi Rani(51)

31, Vaara Sarojini(52),  32.Pitta Pasuvulamma(55), Baythala Dayaamani(40),

33.Saara Kumari(38) 34.Pullala Satthemma(55),

35.Varasaala Karunamma(55), Varasaala Gonthemma(53),

37.Varasaala Chinnammi(59), 38. Kamsaala Saarada(50),

39.Kamsaala Bullemma(52), 40.Kamsaala Estheramma(60),

 41.Kamsaala Ratnam(52), 42.Pinaka Papamma(50),

43.Kaapu Ravanamma(55), 44.Kaapu lakshmi(53),

45. Dhadala Mangamma(52), 46,Varasaala Suramma(50),

47.Geddam Maanikyam(60), 48. Geddam Thallamma(60),

49.Gurrapu Saaramma(60), 50. Varasaala Suvarthamma(50).

I assure you of our prayers and will send you the pictures and the list of beneficiaries with their signature.

God bless the work of your hands abundantly,

Yours in Christ Jesus,

On 26 August 2014 10:45, Nava Samaja Nirmana Samstha <> wrote:

Dear Deacon An Vu, 

Greetings in the name of Jesus,

We received your good news. Praise the Lord! 

Hope and pray that you are doing well. I am so much happy to hear this good news from you. We all raised our voices and praised and glorified God for hearing our prayers and sending you into our lives with this good news. When we heard this good news from you then our hearts filled with song of joy and eyes filled with tears of joy. Oh how I magnify the Lord for choosing this lowly woman for preaching good news to the poor in the name of St. Theresa and through you. Our heart felt thanks to our beloved sister Ysbel for all her assistance and guidance to make us part of this plan of salvation for the elderly. She has the gifts of the Holy Spirit and she has been with us for almost four years. God send her into our lives and she never left our hands. I am glad to hear that she would be visiting us one day near or far. You are most welcome here too brother and God bless the work of your hands abundantly. We promise our prayers for you and your family. 

Finally, I would like to inform you that I am far away from home and visiting some unreachable villages families and praying for the sick. I will be back home after a week and pray and chose the name of the elderly and then finalize the list of the old people names and send to you the list. Hope that will be okay with you. 

Thanking you,

Kind Regards,

I remain in the love Jesus Christ,



History of my Family: Santhosha Kumari Jangam
Samalkot (India)

Before knowing my family history, I need to mention the history of my country and how my people

are made untouchables (“Dalits” please check in Youtube or google). We were considered as
downtrodden caste and treated us as subhuman by Hindus. My father name is Matthew Jangam
and by profession he was a general physician. When missionaries came to India my father heard
Gods calling and he left his profession and became pastor and served the Lord and started the
Church “Bible mission Church” to preach good news.
My mother name is Kamala Kumari Jangam and she was the house wife and supported
my father in all the preaching, day and night in the villages for saving souls for Christ our
redeemer and so we could save more than 500 souls and they become members of our Church
and follow Christ. We have been persecuted and suffered and my father was questioned by the
authorities and did not allow us to preach. But my father believed in our God that he would save
us from the fire of hell. So he gave all for the mission work and he died of heart attack and my
mother continued preaching until my younger brother Jaya Raj Jangam was trained in Bible and
he became pastor and now he is preaching the good news in our Bible Mission Church.
We are four siblings, my elder sister name is Rahel Jangam and she is a clerk typist in the
local judiciary system. She is married and has a girl child and she is baptized and believer of God.
Then I am lawyer and preacher. I give free legal aid for our brothers and sisters and protect them
from the persecutions by Hindus. I started nonprofit organization for the street children, child
labor, addicted and abused children, fighting for women rights and dalits rights and missing girl
child... old age and widows.
My another younger brother name is Shalem Raju Jangam and he is a believer and baptized. He is electrician and
he is married and has two children. I am married to Joseph Talluri and he was consecrated man
in Don Bosco congregation and he came out of the congregation before the perpetual profession.
God has given us a gift as girl child and her name is Sankeerthana. She is growing in the love
Christ and she will imbibe and embrace the spirituality of St. Theresa and Mother Teresa.
This is the first time I am writing the history of my family and there is so much to say and I
did not know where to start and where to end. But as we grow together as brothers and sisters of
St. Theresa Family I would get more chances of sharing my family history. Thank you for asking
me about my roots. My family and my roots are deeply rooted in Jesus our redeemer.
God bless us all!! Amen!!

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