Dear Deaco An Vu, Fr Lito and Lisa,
Peace! It was very opportune time when we handed the rice to the beneficiaries of the St Theresa Charities since we have started the lenten season where we are urged to help the poor. The rice distribution started at 10;30 am on February 23 Monday. The old recipients were brought by motorbikes by the chapel church leaders. First we started with a prayer, reading of the bible by Fr Cevas CMF. Then there was exhortation and prayers of the faithful then we prayed together the Our Father. After the prayer the Parish Pastoral Council president gave a pastoral reason for the event. As Parish priest, I introduced the donor of the rice program and urge the people to pray and live in solidarity. We insisted that to share we need not be wealthy but always with a heart full of compassion to each other. Thanks a lot and May God bless us all!
Fr Cyrus CMF

Dear An Vu,

Pax Cristi!

Here is the list of the elderly. This was taken from four different villages. Their age is 50 above since for most of the people here, 50years old is already considered elderly. The villages we chose are poor and is far from the city and they are places that we usually visit for mass.

1. Samuel Bailanu 26. Petrus Rebon

2. Gabriel Naimuni 27. Daud Oibata

3. Petrus Panalibana 28. Fransiskus Ama Abi

4. Nikodemus Bailanu 29. Nos Sanaun

5. Lulean Tanu 30. Antony Luan

6. Masta Adonis 31. Gregorius Ceme

7. Yakobus Bailanu 32. Aloysius Lamilelea

8. Noh Taemenas 33. Teofilus Nifu

9. Anastaya Alimela 34. Antonius Faot

10. Laurenimus Bailanu 35. Blasius Bria

11. Daniel Manunel 36. Aleks Boy

12. Baya Tomas Bolbesi 37. Agustinus Lalian

13. Elizabeth Bailanu 38. Vinsensus Lewar

14. Bendelina Nano 39. Laurensius Kolon

15. Ester Amonahas 40. Welem Olbata

16. Thomas Manunel 41. Marselinus Keba

17. Lidia Lalus 42. Markus Bano

18. Hoslan Manunel 43. MarselinusAkumeni

19. Helena Nenole 44. Yulius Nitu

20. Sakusias Sual 45, Mikael Tipnoni

21. Susana Manunel 46. Markus Keba

22. Yance Nahali 47. Ignasius Suka Rebon

23. Paulus Amhelen 48. Yulianus Banu

24. Agus Negguisa 49. Dominikus Koten

25. Markus Atimela 50. Gemlus Saluk

I do hope that the list would serve its purpose.

Thank you very much and may God bless us all.

In Christ and Mary,

Fr. Edgar L. Zamudio, CMF


Dear An Vu,

Greetings of Peace and Joy!

This morning we already distributed the rice to the beneficiaries. We had a mass and after which we distributed the rice. As usual, there are some complaints coming from those who were not chosen and they question why they wre not chosen. We explain to them the predicament of not being able to give to all and I just hope they understand. The next distribution, there may be some changes on the beneficiaries as there are some who are older than those on the list. We really could not please everybody. We are all trying our best to help them the best we can but always we will fall short but nonetheless, we continue helping them. I just hope and pray the project will continue.

Once again, thank you very much and may God bless us all.

Respectfully yours,

Fr. Edgar L. Zamudio, CMF

June 18, 2014

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