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Lao Services:

Thua Cha, Thay va Hoi Teresa Charities,Day la nhung chi thu trong quy 1, So tien con lai la 300,000 Kip, Chung con xin so tien nay de do xang di lai cho cong viec tong do. Ly do,  co mot so nguoi o xa thi chung con cho gao va thuc pham toi tan nha cho ho.Cac ong ba gia rat xuc dong khi nhan duoc gao va thuc pham cua Quy Hoi. Co mot cu gia da khoc vi chua bao gio  nhan duoc mon qua nhu vay. Ho rat biet on quy Hoi Teresa Charities da nang do ho trong hoan canh kho khan thieu thon nay.Ho hua moi ngay se doc mot Kinh Lay Cha de cau nguyen cho Hoi Teresa va cac An Nhan. Ho goi loi cam on den Cha,  Thay va qui an nhan trong Hoi Teresa. Mot lan nua con  xin het long cam on Cha Hung va cac Thay da cho con co hoi de cong tac voi cac Thay trong cong viec bac ai nay.Nguyen xin Thien Chua Ba Ngoi chuc lanh cho su mang cua Cha va Thay.                                                                                                    Kinh thu                                                                                           M. Cam Linh 


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Chào mừng bạn đến với trang mạng Teresa Charities !

Teresa Charities was founded in 2002 and incorporated in 2004. It is the work of many people, but principally the work of the founder,
Deacon An Vu. Thank you.
Teresa Charities, Inc. !
PO Box 13237
Portland, OR 97213-0237

Phone: 1 (877) 252-5136

Quý vị có thể hổ trợ trực tiếp

More than 91% of every dollar contributed goes to recipients. We deliver funds by wire transfer to trusted and responsible church agencies in the local area.With the GiveDirect Credit Card processing service, no fees are taken on your Visa or Mastercard donation.

We receive 100% of your gift. A low fee of 2.85% is deducted from American Express donations.

So please give with confidence.

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