It was April 29, 2014 the ordination of Bishop Peter Smith. The Holy Spirit Sisters attended this special and holy occation. On the way to the reception the sisters were standing talking about the beaut of the mass.
Deacon An Vu passed by, he stoped and talk to the sisters, just as Jesus did with the disciples on the way to Emmaus. He asked about our mission and where we come from.
We told him we are from Tanzania and we work with elderly.
Mr. An Vu with joy explain to us about the Family of St. Terese and their mission. He ask us if we can help elderly in Tanzania. Yes Deacon we can do it.
We started on the first of September 2014 to distribute rice to Tanzanian elderly. They were so happy praise God like the Isralate who ate manna from heaven.
We are praying that in future, we may estabish a foster home which will enable us to rich out and give hope for our elderly in Tanzania also here in the State. Deacon An Vu will help our dreem to come true.


Greetings from Moshi.  Please receive the photos of the distribution of rice for almost 30 people present and 10 people who were too old to come at our church’s compound.

It was fantastic moment.  We have started with prayer and a short explanation about the hospitality of Rev. Deacon Vu. How he offered himself to support these old and poor people.  They responded positively and they were very happy and thankful to God as well as to Rev. Deacon Vu.

If you were there you would see God’s love.  Many old women were speaking out they have never experienced such love they had seen today. They were surprised to receive such love through people of God.  They were blowing a special sound (vigeleglel) to express their joy for the food they received.  They were calling us to take pictures as they were receiving rice in order Rev. Deacon Vu can see their joy.


They were pronouncing the words of blessing to him and all who offered themselves to support Rev. Deacon Vu to give them food, such as; when they are walking may not fall or may God bless them all the time etc.

In fact people were extremely happy, some were so old and sick they could not join the group.  They were forcing to come so we had to leave them home and send some rice to them .  

Thanks to Rev. Fr. Joseph Kasiyaruwa The Parish Priest who offered his time to take them from their homes by his car and return them home as they entered their homes they were blowing a joyous shout (vigelegele) and thank God for such love.  Some Lay People also have supported us in distribution process.

So, sincere thanks from them and all of us here.  May you be blessed. 


Sr. Inviolata Kessy

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